Aug 14, 2012
Ahhh. Breathe in that fresh start, that new air. It’s not pure by any standard – it smells like a mixture of car fumes and the neighbour’s stagnant garden. It’s cold and it makes my nose run, but I was never really one for the finer things and this is glorious.
Freedom from your mind is great until you realise that it’s captive to your body anyway, it’s hard to escape your physicality when you’re tied down.

Ahhh. Breathe.

I can go anywhere. Do anything. Be anyone. It’s both overwhelming and exhilarating. That thought, that I could.

But I won’t. Not yet anyway. Because as much as I can, I think where I really want to go is here; who I really want to be, I already am; and all I really want to do is help you find out who you are. To tell you that you can do anything.

I can’t get away from loving you. From loving You.
Maybe I was kidding myself.

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