Jun 13, 2012
Put it down in one thought
Put it down on one letter
Get it out in one song
If you can

All of it all at once
Yearning longing pain frustration
Where do we go from here?
Where do I go from here?

Is this always what you'd wanted?
Is this all you'd ever hoped I would be?
Because when I look in the mirror
I'm not so sure that I like what I see
I'm afraid that sickness I saw in you
is also inside me.

Did you do all you could?
Did you fight for it after all?
Did you recover all that was taken
And give back all that you stole?
Did you do right by me?
And was it really that troubling?

Because I'd like to have a crack at it some day
And I'd like to think I'll do okay
But you've left me with these stumbling blocks
These hurdles and hoops
Keep me in circles and loops.
And I'm trying
To get through it all
To believe that I'll never fall
That I'll never make the wrongs you did
But I have to believe that there's something at the end
That makes it all okay
Something to comfort me at the end of the longest day.
And I know it
And I know Him
But I also know the aching
And I wish he'd take it away.
Jun 3, 2012
And if you want it
Come and get it
For crying out loud.

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